Mark R. Curtis 

New to Medicare?

It can be overwhelming I've been studying it for 4 years now and finally enrolled myself in March 2017.

"I get it, too many choices" however, it's important to make the right choices for you. With Medicare what you don't know, may and undoubtly will cost you!!  

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Medicare supplement plans offer the widest doctor and medical facility access. If they bill Medicare they take your insurance! Many people prefer these plans to supplement their original medicare A&B. If you make this choice you will need to add a Part D perscription drug plan. 

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan, let me check your pricing and coverage against new plans.  Just complete the information to the left and I will call or email (your choice) the findings to you!

Unlike other "on line search engines", I will be checking your plan information myself against a number of options, I will not send your information out to other agents to call or email you.

 If you have specific needs, tell me about them!.

Have you Considered an all inclusive (MAPD) Medicare Advantage Plan with Part D? Do you know what it is?  Open Enrollment maynot be the only time to take advantage of switching to a ZERO PREMIUM plan that usually includes your drug coverage with No PreExisting conditions 

(*other than end stage renal failure). 

Contact me to discuss this terrific option to cover all your health needs with added benefits.

Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan?